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Re: [BirdYak] More Bobolinks - and interesting Egret behavior

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  • Andy Stepniewski
    Gadzooks! A dozen Great Egrets...Toppenish is starting to sound a bit like Florida! Andy Stepniewski Wapato WA steppie@nwinfo.net ... From: gadzooks58 To:
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      A dozen Great Egrets...Toppenish is starting to sound a bit like Florida!

      Andy Stepniewski
      Wapato WA

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      Subject: [BirdYak] More Bobolinks - and interesting Egret behavior

      We were supposed to stay home today and take care of things around the place, as we have company coming on Sunday. So, this morning Joe comes out of the office and casually mentions that Kevin spotted a Bobolink on Lateral C. What? Did somebody say Bobolink?
      So, we grabbed the optics, hopped in the truck and headed for Lateral C, where we found Richard and Elizabeth. Richard had located the Bobolink exactly where Kevin had described it. As we watched it make periodic flights and spar with a Red-winged blackbird, something else caught Joe's eye. He put the scope on it and it was a second Bobolink - another male. It was sitting on the fence wire right next to the road, but it didn't stay there long and flew up into the Olive tree, where it was joined by a THIRD Bobolink - another male. Between the four of us we were able to look at all three at once. I took some photos and hope to get some posted this weekend.
      After the excitement of the Bobolinks, Joe and I headed down Pumphouse Road on our way home to look for an Eastern Kingbird and see what we could see. We didn't find the Kingbird today, but we did see something very interesting. At about mile 1.7 on Pumphouse, there is a pond on the north side of the road. We watched a group of a dozen (or so) Great Egrets "grazing" across the pond together. The formed a wave of sorts as they walked across the pond, looking for food and eating as they went. We have not seen Egrets do this before. I also got a couple photos of this, not great but passable. Has anyone ever seen or heard about Egrets feeding this way?

      Eventually we got home, got the lawn mowed and the house cleaned.

      Karen and Joe Zook

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