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Birding (in general)

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  • Eric Heisey
    Hey all, Toady I met up with Linda King and her daughter for a quick afternoon of birding to help them figure out the scope I gave them. I did about and hour
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      Hey all,
      Toady I met up with Linda King and her daughter for a quick afternoon of birding to help them figure out the scope I gave them. I did about and hour and a half of birding before their arrival, turning up two male Lazuli Buntings (my year first), Bank Swallows and an Orange-crowned Warbler (a Nuthatch visited my Ponderosa again around 7:45 pm).

      I was planning on giving a quick summary of my weekend on the westside. Here goes:

      On Sunday morning I woke up and went birding in Tacoma at our hotel, turning up good photos of a Pigeon Guillemot and Surf Scoters, both year birds for myself. From there we went to Nisqually NWR, which had tons of spring migrants, birds of interest were Wilson's Phalarope, a Eurasian Wigeon, and many Yellow Warblers. From there we traveled up the the Dungeness Spit which had water birds like Pelagic Cormorants, a Common Loon, many Rhinoceros Auklets, Brant, and Red-breated Mergansers. In the forest a Pacific-slope-flycatcher and a Warbling Vireo called. From there we went to the Dungeness Audubon Center which gave me great photos of Bushtits and Black-throated Gray-Warblers. We went to our hotel in Port Townsend after that, which had a Bonaparte's Gull on the water.

      The next morning I woke up at 5:30 and walked about 1 and half miles in the Kai Tai Lagoon Nature Park, which got me pictures of Virginia Rails! If you're ever in the area, this is a fantastic spot, with good waterbird diversity as well and lots of passserines. Birds of interest were 22 Ruddy Ducks, Anna's Hummingbirds, and Virginia Rails. We took the ferry from Bainbridge Island over to Discovery Park. If you've never been to Discovery Park, I highly suggest it. The park has amazing diversity, from Old Growth forest birds to seabirds to meadow birds. The park has great birding and photography options, I really wish I would have had more then 2 hours there. Birds of interest were Wilson's and Black-throated Gray-Warbler, Western Tanager, and Pacific-slope Flycatcher.

      That about wraps that up. I was also going to mention that if I don't have baseball practice on Sunday, I was planning on doing a big day (mostly by bike) of my lower valley patch list (anybody who wants to tag along is welcomed, but contact me first please and I'll give you my schedule of places and times). My patch goes from Yakima to Grandview and from Konnawac pass to Tule Road. If anybody wants me to scope out any particular areas for Birdathon next weekend, let me know. Also, whoever has the route that includes the river below my house, contact me and I'll fill you in on all my recent sightings, as well as where to go for certain species.

      Thanks everyone, Eric
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