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[BirdYak] Shorebird update and then some

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  • Bob Schmidt
    Hello Eric et al, I purchased this inexpensive scope before Christmas as I thought I would like a scope that would zoom to 60X. Product Name Quantity
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 18, 2013
      Hello Eric et al,

      I purchased this inexpensive scope before Christmas as I thought I would
      like a scope that would zoom to 60X.

      Product Name Quantity Price Total

      Vortex Nomad 20-60x60 Angled Spotting Scope (New) 1 $239.99

      Merchandise Total: $239.99

      Shipping & Handling: $13.03

      Shipping Savings: $-13.03

      Sales Tax: $0.00

      Grand Total: $239.99

      Applied Coupons: FREE-GROUND-SHIPPING

      Thank you for choosing Eagle Optics!



      Eagle Optics - Confirmation

      However I have already noticed that it is not as bright as my other
      inexpensive scope Eagle Optics Denali 15-45x60 which I paid about $100 about
      5 years ago (but no longer available).


      I actually really like that little Denai scope and had Eagle Optics rebuild
      it for free when it went out of focus about 3 years ago. The verdict is
      still out on the Vortex. I share these "minimalist" scope experiences
      because I still think they are a step up from an entry level "throw away"
      discount store scope (of which I have thrown several early in my career).
      Also to make them more usable I have each on a medium weight $200 tripod.
      What I like about these is that I don't worry much about leaving them in
      the open in my Subaru during lunch or other short breaks or in my Thule Box
      for weeks. Therefore I often have them when I see a hawk or something
      incidentally while driving around. And in good light they really work OK.
      And both setups are both light to carry so sometimes I am the only one with
      a scope on a walk. Finally if you are not in a huge hurry you could look
      through my scopes when I come over in a few weeks.

      All that said I am saving for a good scope but am not convinced there are a
      lot of options and added value between a couple hundred and thousands of
      dollars. I will be interested in what others have to say.

      Bob Schmidt, Bothell, WA

      bobs at world hyphen wide dot com

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      Eric Heisey
      Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2013 9:23 PM
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      Subject: Spam:********, [BirdYak] Shorebird update and then some

      Hey all,
      Today I went down to look for the Spotted Sandpipers that John saw
      yesterday, and found two Yellowlegs within five to ten minutes. I also saw
      three yard birds, which were American Wigeon, Northern Shovelers, and Hooded
      Mergansers. Remember, at 3:30 tomorrow I'm going back down to look for
      Spotted Sandpipers and other shorebirds, three birders are already going,
      and we're meeting at my house. I can give directions if anyone else is

      I also know that Andy has suggested the river below my house as a hotspot.
      Just so people don't get in trouble with the land owners, I would like to
      suggest a few things. Please contact me before birding there. Most of the
      time I'll be there so if you want to look for any particular birds, just
      tell me and I will be happy to help find them sometime. When I'm not there,
      please stay on the road or the old railway path below the road. Please obey
      any "No trespassing" signed or private property signs. I hope that nobody
      disturbs the private property so we can continue birding there. Just about
      anywhere on the river is viewable from one of the two mentioned areas so I
      suspect there won't be any need to trespass anyways. Feel free to ask me any
      questions on this matter.

      One more thing, does anybody know of any good scopes for around 400 dollars?
      I'm looking to upgrade our 8 year old 150 dollar scope to something that can
      at least zoom to 40x without losing all color altogether. I was looking at a
      Bushnell for around that price that got high reviews. Emailing me your
      thoughs on this would be appreciated.

      Thanks, Eric

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