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  • Michael Hobbs
    I did manage to get a few more – I finished with 226 for the year, which ain’t bad considering it takes me a minimum of two hours just to GET to Yakima
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2013
      I did manage to get a few more – I finished with 226 for the year, which ain’t bad considering it takes me a minimum of two hours just to GET to Yakima county. Throw in an almost total lack of familiarity with the county at the start of the year, and the fact that I didn’t start thinking about doing a Yakima Big Year until May, I think I did pretty well.

      It was my best year of birding in one county ever, including my home county of King, where I’ve never bested 220.

      I’ll have to get back over to you guys sometime soon, though I will only be working on my Yakima life list this year. (And I still need Bohemian Waxwing, American Tree Sparrow, and Swamp Sparrow, just to name a few).

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      Well it appears that all the Yakima County eBird year list totals are in...barring a late barrage of tardy reports from westside birder Michael Hobbs. Going into the year's final week, it became apparent that four Yakima eBirders were in a very tight race with a margin of only two species between the leader and the birder in fourth place. And down to wire it went. On the last hour of daylight on the last day of the year, Andy Stepniewski squeaked up a Swamp Sparrow along Marion Drain. The drewski had to use up the last breath of dying batteries for the call/song playback to tweak the sparrow into view with fading light. At least that is the story I heard.

      The top 5 in the county and their species counts (note the three way tie for second) for the year:

      1. Andy Stepniewski -- 242
      2. Denny Granstrand -- 241
      2. John Hebert --------- 241
      2. Kevin Lucas ---------- 241
      5. Michael Hobbs ----- 222

      The Academy Awards give "Oscars" for outstanding performances in movies. Seems as though a competition as grandiose as the Yakima County eBird year list should bestow some type of prestigious, imaginary award for various categories of exceptional performance. The Maltese Falcon statuette comes to mind but it doesn't seem to represent any county species. Perhaps the awards could be called the Calliope or the Golden Eagle. The Golden Binoc??

      Suggested categories and my nominees for 2012:

      Top Male Lister --- Andy Stepniewski (242)

      Top Female Lister -- Karen Zook (194) And I think she started late in the year.

      Rookie of the Year -- Kevin Lucas (241) Kevin also became the first Yakima County eBirder to total over 240 lists submitted and 240 species found, (271 and 241, respectively.)

      Bird of the Year -- Costco Snowy Owl Now recovering from a probable vehicle collision at Blue Mountain Rehab...last report, wing bandage removed and gaining weight.

      Photo of the Year --- Denny Granstrand's Rimrock Lake Sabine's Gull

      Non-Human Birder of the Year -- Pooh, John Hebert's dog. Walking Pooh at night was the reason John first saw the Costco (or should it be FedEx) Snowy Owl.

      Outstanding Sportsmanship Award -- Tie between the top four list leaders who continued to help each other (and all Yakima birders) right down to the last ray of light.

      Rarity of the Year --- tie, Chestnut-sided Warbler (zesty) and Eastern Phoebe (drab) discovered within one day and one mile of each other

      Field Trip of the Year --- I didn't attend many but enjoyed all that I did make. Leave this one for Yakkers.

      Birding Location of the Year --- Poppoff Trail? Oak Creek Road? Lateral C? TNWR? Hardy Canyon? We are really blessed.

      The above are just my suggestions, open to other thoughts and categories.

      The most befuddled birder of the year.
      P S The gates are open for 2013, we have the local talent for at least twenty people to soar over 200 species in the county. Get on eBird with your lists! Let's do it.

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