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  • Andy Stepniewski
    Yakkers, Taking the Year s last stand, Along the snowy Toppenish Creek bottomlands. And though chilled right to the marrow, Rich was right, twas indeed a
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 1, 2013

      Taking the Year's last stand,
      Along the snowy Toppenish Creek bottomlands.

      And though chilled right to the marrow,
      Rich was right, twas indeed a sparrow.

      A Swampie which I shared with John just before it became too dark to see...

      Happy New Year!

      Andy Stepniewski
      Wapato WA

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      Twas the dawn of New Year's Eve, when all through the county,
      All the top eBirders were hell bent to see what they could see

      The night before showed three with county year lists of two-forty,
      Two species behind stood John, a full tank of gas, ready to sortie

      I know nothing of the sunrise plans of Kevin and Denny,
      But rest assured the old fox Andy had targets aplenty

      For you see, from Stan & Lori came a report of Bohemian Waxwings,
      A flock of twenty or more on 22nd Ave in birch trees, of all things

      Before the stroke of noon, the drewski's twitch went without a hitch,
      Soon John's shadow found the mark, in a friendly match, who's the snitch?

      Pray tell, was it possible he was now ahead by one,
      No time to tarry and fret, the chase was now against the sun

      All year long, the leader's lists had been amassed with great care,
      Now a day of desperation, what new species could they possibly snare?

      Could this year long quest hinge on a miss of, say, a goose of snow,
      Wings of white, tips of black, smiling lips, gosh...where did they go?

      Did a lack of attention to Pumphouse Road forfeit an Eurasian Wigeon,
      Or a missed high-country trek and a possible high-flying Band-tailed Pigeon?

      Will the champion be crowned through skill or just with a bit of luck,
      What of Buchanan Lake, with a miracle, could it yield a Long-tailed Duck?

      No time to tarry and fret, the clock is running, get it in gear,
      Is there time to head to the Horse Heaven Hills for a Gyr?

      In just a few hours, we will crown the county's top twitcher,
      Would that early spring Black-bellied Plover be the clincher?

      Clearly, the margin of victory will be ever so narrow,
      Could it come down to the lowly family of sparrow?

      Gosh, the sun is gone, are those four birders still out there on the prowl,
      Energy spent, batteries dead, wait...was that the call of a Northern Hawk Owl?

      Oh, wherefore art thou, oh relentless Denny, Kevin, John and drewski,
      Pray post and tell the restless masses of what new species did you see?

      What are the chances that this could end in a kiss-your-sister tie,
      Can't someone pull a Rusty Blackbird from his New Year's pie?

      And ladies, the gauntlet has definitely been thrown down,
      Next year, shouldn't the winner wear a flowing gown?

      When the hour is late and it is time to into the bed covers to sink,
      I for one will toss and turn wondering who passed over the brink?

      Will he be like Santa and jump into a flying birding sleigh,
      No reindeer, just scores of year birds pulling him away!

      Will we hear him exclaim, ere he drives out of sight,
      Happy New Year to one and all! It was a hell of a fight!

      Befuddled by Sugar Plums near 3700 Bonnie Boon


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