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    Please remember to sign your posts. Thank you, Scott R - moderator Yakima, WA mryakima at gmail dot com ... [Non-text portions of this message have been
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2011
      Please remember to sign your posts.

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      On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 3:09 PM, tulimgr <solutions39@...> wrote:

      > I just read Andy's conservation column on sage grouse and thought I'd make
      > a few comments about it on birdyak. First, the next time you look in your
      > golden or petersen birdbook, look at the map for sage grouse. It is a dot in
      > the middle of Washington state. It was the same for pygmy rabbits. If I
      > learned anything from the pygmy rabbit issue, it is some wildlife die off,
      > become extirpated, or extinct no matter how hard we work to turn things
      > around. It is a fact, deal with it.
      > With both sage grouse and pygmy rabbits, they will be extirpated from our
      > state, but not extinct. Populations can be found in other parts of the
      > northwest. They too are in decline.
      > As a tax payer, I question the state and federal funds spent on trying to
      > maintain a dying species. I think thresholds need to be developed that stop
      > funding and just let the species go. It seems there are times when state or
      > federal fish and wildlife agencies get involved you see study after study
      > after study with no clear improvement, just alot of reading material that
      > repeats past studies and makes the same recommendations. Additionally, the
      > last time I checked, grouse and rabbits can't read...so this may be why they
      > are not cooperating with fish and game biologists.
      > I also find the inevitable contradictions in this article. Such as,
      > agriculture eliminated most of the sage grouse habitat. Then, it states that
      > in Moses Coulee, agriculture is helping the sage grouse. In the case of the
      > pygmy rabbit, wildlife biologists claimed that grazing would keep the
      > grasses mowed down to help prevent wildfires that would destroy the mature
      > stands of sage the rabbit needed as habitat.
      > And then there's the Firing Center comments about using live rounds during
      > training that cause wildfires. Consider the consequences of sending soldiers
      > into battle without having fired live rounds. Because of birds??? Rabbits???
      > Extirpation followed by extinction has been happening on this planet for
      > quite some time. Somehow, we humans who care about nature got the idea that
      > extinction is a thing of the past, like when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
      > Biologists and conservationists should know better than anyone that
      > evolution did not stop with the Industrial Age. Evolution created modern day
      > man which is the culprit in most incidents of extirpation and extinctions.
      > This does not bode well for grouse and rabbits in the 21st century.
      > Will the northwest survive without sage grouse and pygmy rabbits? Yes. It
      > progressed without mammoths, camels and three toed horses found in our local
      > fossil beds. It can also survive without hatchery fish, non native sport
      > fish, non native upland game birds, Rocky Mountain elk, Rocky Mountain big
      > horn sheep, Oregon and Wyoming antelope, buffalo, etc, etc, etc. Get the
      > message?

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