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Birding Poker-Dividing the Gold

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  • Rich712@aol.com
    Chirp, As this venture was ostensibly aimed at amateur birders (no offense intended), and as no one was able to clarify a system to declare a champion, I, as
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2002

      As this venture was ostensibly aimed at amateur birders (no offense
      intended), and as no one was able to clarify a system to declare a champion,
      I, as the originator of the event felt obligated to refer the matter to the
      AAU for adjudication. Due to the international affiliation of the avian
      species included in the various hands, they promptly forwarded the matter to
      the IOC in Salt Lake City.

      They were quick to endorse the recent legal precedent established by the ISU
      (International Skating Union) and recommended awarding multiple gold medals
      to all participants who birded faultlessly provided the Russians Berezhnaya
      and Sikharulidze, both of whom objected strongly to this decision, do not
      have to admit
      deceit...er, defeat.

      Therefore, the following awards are decreed for poker posters in the order in
      which the postings were poked.

      Rich712-- is indefinitely suspended from judging any birding event for
      "shamelessly" acting in a way that was not adequate to guarantee all hands
      equal condition.

      Sturnella@aol Debie is awarded a gold medal (although it appears yellow) for
      her all warbler straight flush.

      ericksen@nwinfo Sue is awarded a gold medal for her five of a kind Spotted
      Towhee hand that first rocked the boat. She also gets a brass medal for
      having the integrity to challenge a flawed contest.

      ph2738@charter Paul gets a bronze medal for the low ball hand of 5
      Starlings. He also is awarded a gold medal for most humorous hand.

      isparrow@msn Irene earned a silver medal in posing the best question..."What
      is lower, a five Starling or a five House Sparrow hand?" Answer-five
      Starlings. Combining the last Yakima migratory bird day and Christmas
      counts, Starlings totaled 15,406 to the House Sparrows 1,080. Needless to
      say, neither needed an introduction.

      kross@nwinfo Dr. Ross swept the too close to focus event, taking gold,
      silver, and bronze with her sighting of five feeder birds at two feet.

      jherbert@nwinfo John takes home a specially cast invisible pewter medal for
      peeping over the shoulder of a fellow participant.

      AJBIRDSaol Joyce tricked her way to a gold in the Halloween event with her
      Draculonian view of a row of 9 Turkey Vultures...what a treat that must have

      ropermj@juno Mike stooped to a gold with a five genus hand, falcons galore,
      even though the "genius" was in the wrong county. Three Gyrs at once and I'm
      still looking for my first. Jeers are coming my way in droves though.

      dlee@toppenish Don gobbles up a double gold for sending the judge to the
      reference pile twice (cockerel and lanners) and may well have scored a TKO
      over the entire field, as his post of gore harkened the end of the

      It is also possible that some potential competitors were hesitant to enter as
      the rules were poorly defined. This may have led some people to believe that
      there great sightings were excluded by the parameters set forth.

      As it is Valentine's Day weekend, it only seems fitting that we therefore
      extend an invitation to everyone to post their sightings according to the
      respected World Wrestling Federation. Which is to say, there are no rules.
      A WWF Cage Match featuring your most shocking bird sighting. Leave them
      screaming for more.

      Personally, I'm going back into training. As breeding season unfolds, I
      think we should all endeavor to enhance our hands with the goal of coming
      back after Memorial Day with our "hearts and flowers" most Memorable Moment
      in birding.

      See you then,
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