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Rimrock Lake Gulls

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  • Rich712@aol.com
    Chirp, Braving dark clouds and hoping for the best, Elizabeth DP (driving permit) Bohn and I pointed my Ford Ranger pickup towards Rimrock Lake at mid-morning
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2009

      Braving dark clouds and hoping for the best, Elizabeth DP (driving
      permit) Bohn and I pointed my Ford Ranger pickup towards Rimrock
      Lake at mid-morning today.

      Having "taught" two daughters to drive (one on a stick shift) plus one
      granddaughter, I have aged well. Well before my time, that is!

      As my granddaughter also practiced with the Ranger, I have picked
      a pro-active approach to prepare the vehicle for DP drivers. Engine
      palpitations can be lessened by dropping a couple of Prozac tabs
      in the tank before Elizabeth slides the driver's seat from the rear-
      most position to the "midget" mode. And slapping a few strips of
      duct tape over the headlights works wonders for front end shake and
      shimmy. A blindfolded Ranger sees no evil, fears no evil. When the
      engine is first fired, I find that my "frozen grin of fear" inspires
      confidence in pupils. The pupils in my eyes, however,frequently max
      out at 15 mm during the average lesson.

      The lake's level has been pulled down by irrigation demands and
      dwindles to an end near milepost 162. Missed seeing any gulls as
      we drove west but spotted a fair flock as we doubled back. As there
      never seems to be a free lunch in birding, the gulls were near the
      mouth of Clear (?) Creek located much closer to the south shore
      than the roadside north.

      Scoping from 200+ yards posed the expected problems for a
      truly green gullolgist. Moving closer by 40 yard chunks, we
      eventually reached the water's edge with some of the gulls a
      mere 60 yards away. At that distance, I was able to identify
      a handful of Ring-billed Gulls, a couple of California Gulls, and
      a single Herring Gull. The last had pink legs, a red spot on the
      lower mandible, black wing tips, a flat appearing head and at 40X
      power, a yellow iris.

      Most of the flock were adult birds with just a few juvies mixed in.
      Though most appeared to be Ring-billed and California, it is possible
      that another species or two may have been in the flock. Most of the
      birds were resting with heads tucked back, a few cruised up and
      down the lake/creek.

      We noted a vehicle behind us while we were at the water's edge. Our
      trek back to the Ranger was much easier. Turned out that we could
      have practically driven to our final observation point as we directly
      out from the Horseshoe Cove Boat Launch and Picnic Area.

      Location: rimrock lake
      Observation date: 10/21/09
      Notes: calm, 50 degrees, mostly cloudy w passing showers
      Observations made at west end of drawn-down lake
      mp 161.4 Horseshoe Cove Boat Launch & Picnic Area
      Number of species: 9

      Mallard 1
      Hooded Merganser 1
      Common Merganser 14
      Western Grebe 5
      Ring-billed Gull 6
      California Gull 2
      Herring Gull 1
      Gull, sp 60
      Steller's Jay 2
      Common Raven 1

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