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Costa Rica Vacation

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  • CMCYAKIMA@aol.com
    Greetings! Recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica and was able to add a good number of species to my life list. It is the start of the wet season with
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2009

      Recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica and was able to add a good number of species to my life list. It is the start of the wet season with plant life vibrant and plentiful?making birding? more challenging especially as we traveled into the high country.? Often saw glimpses or heard birds that we could never identify. .? While, we did not participate in any direct bird watching tours, our observations came from river excursions, hikes, walk and scenic drives.? The variety of herons and egrets was quite impressive.? Best find was a small coffee shop in the middle of the coffee plantations on the road to Santa Elena and the cloud forest.? Sign said coffee and hummingbirds. So we had to stop!? We did not regret the decision.? Great coffee, fresh baked cookies and three hummingbird feeders on an open balcony looking into the forest.? We spent 45 minutes with the Costa Rica shop owner helping us identify a staggering 14 species of hummingbirds all visiting the feeders.? The Violet Saberwings, largest in NA, were absolutely astonishing!? Some were?juveniles and females that we were not able to ID.? Total there had to be 40+ hummers all taking advantage of the free breakfast and our undivided attention.

      Another great visual experience was a farmer in the Palo Verde area disking a field with 30 some cattle egrets flowing behind the tractor against the black, freshly turned soil.

      Were also fortunate enough to see white faced, Capuchin and howler monkeys; sloth; crocodiles, caiman, basilisk lizard, iguanas, geckos, etc.? Snorkeling was very rewarding as well with 100's of species of fish, skates, morays, turtles and octopi.??Best zip line experience ever in Santa Elena!!!!! ? Certainly worth a consideration for a vacation spot!



      List compiled through eBird.

      Location:???? PN Palo Verde
      Observation date:???? 7/06/09
      Number of species:???? 21

      Bare-throated Tiger-Heron???? 1
      Great Egret???? 2
      Little Blue Heron???? 1
      Cattle Egret???? 35
      Green Heron???? 1
      Black-crowned Night-Heron???? 1
      Boat-billed Heron???? 1
      Wood Stork???? 3
      Black Vulture???? 3
      Turkey Vulture???? 4
      Red-billed Pigeon???? 2
      Ruddy Pigeon???? 3
      White-winged Dove???? 6
      Inca Dove???? 2
      White-tipped Dove???? 1
      Orange-fronted Parakeet???? 7
      Squirrel Cuckoo???? 1
      Groove-billed Ani???? 1
      Mangrove Swallow???? 12
      Clay-colored Thrush???? 1
      Blue-black Grassquit???? 3

      Location:???? Lake Arenal
      Observation date:???? 7/12/09
      Number of species:???? 7

      Little Tinamou???? 1
      Black-bellied Whistling-Duck???? 2
      Great Egret???? 1
      King Vulture???? 1
      Ringed Kingfisher???? 1
      Red-winged Blackbird???? 4
      Eastern Meadowlark???? 1

      Location:???? PN Arenal
      Observation date:???? 7/13/09
      Number of species:???? 8

      Gray-headed Chachalaca???? 1
      Ruddy Pigeon???? 1
      Crimson-fronted Parakeet???? 12
      Red-winged Blackbird???? 3
      Red-breasted Blackbird???? 2
      Eastern Meadowlark???? 1
      Montezuma Oropendola???? 1
      White-vented Euphonia???? 1

      Location:???? Monteverde--Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve
      Observation date:???? 7/14/09
      Number of species:???? 16

      Band-tailed Barbthroat???? 1
      Scaly-breasted Hummingbird???? 1
      Violet Sabrewing???? 3
      White-necked Jacobin???? 1
      Green Violetear???? 3
      Green-breasted Mango???? 4
      Violet-headed Hummingbird???? 1
      Violet-crowned Woodnymph???? 1
      Blue-throated Goldentail???? 2
      Rufous-tailed Hummingbird???? 1
      Stripe-tailed Hummingbird???? 1
      Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer???? 1
      Purple-throated Mountain-gem???? 1
      Magnificent Hummingbird???? 2
      Keel-billed Toucan???? 1
      Slaty Antwren???? 2

      Location:???? Tamarindo
      Observation date:???? 7/06-18/09
      Number of species:???? 30

      Muscovy Duck???? 6
      Brown Booby (Pacific)???? 5
      Brown Pelican???? 14
      Neotropic Cormorant???? 2
      Magnificent Frigate Bird???? 4
      Snowy Egret???? 3
      Black Vulture???? 8
      Turkey Vulture???? 5
      Common Black-Hawk (Mangrove)???? 2
      Zone-tailed Hawk???? 1
      hawk sp.???? 1
      Crested Caracara???? 1
      Laughing Gull???? 5
      Olive-throated Parakeet???? 12
      Orange-fronted Parakeet???? 10
      White-fronted Parrot???? 6
      Cinnamon Hummingbird???? 2
      Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer???? 1
      Ruby-throated Hummingbird???? 1
      Bright-rumped Attila???? 1
      Brown-crested Flycatcher???? 3
      Great Kiskadee???? 5
      Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher???? 2
      Fork-tailed Flycatcher???? 1
      White-throated Magpie-Jay???? 4
      Gray-breasted Martin???? 10
      Rufous-naped Wren???? 4
      Long-billed Gnatwren???? 1
      Melodious Blackbird???? 3
      Great-tailed Grackle???? 6
      Streak-backed Oriole???? 3

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