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Deal or No Deal?

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  • Rich712@aol.com
    Chirp, Yakkers, we have an offer you can t reuse! A chance at the full meal deal. The whole nine yards! The whole enchilada! All kidding aside, in a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2009

      Yakkers, we have an offer you can't reuse! A chance at the full meal
      deal. The whole nine yards! The whole enchilada!

      All kidding aside, in a remarkable two or one deal this weekend only.

      At 4:30 on Friday, Jeff Kozma will be counting Robins for the GBBC
      at the Suntides area roost.

      At 4:30 on Saturday, Scott Downes will be at the same location,
      again counting Robins.

      Jeff and Scott are both wildlife biologists and expert birders. Even
      without the Robins, it is worth a trip out just to meet them in person.

      But the Robins are the real story and this may well be your finest
      opportunity to witness this unique winter spectacle. If the weather
      is poor, the Robin flight itself will cheer you up.

      If the weather is great, I will be on hand with mop and bucket to
      clean up the drooling.

      Fair or foul, I expect to see at least 40,000 Robins between 4:30
      and 5:15. Stop by to spend ten minutes or an hour.

      From Yakima, proceed west on Highway 12 to the first stop light
      past the 40th Ave exit. Turn north on the Old Naches Highway and
      drive straight for a quarter of a mile or so. Look for the Fire Station
      on the east side of the road and turn east on Galloway Drive. In
      just a few yards, you will see a paved street to the south...a yet
      to be developed housing area. Plenty of parking on this vacant
      street that affords unobstructed views of the Robins coming in
      from the west and northwest.

      Treat yourself, bring your family and friends.

      In fairness to the counters, please limit your questions to the
      intervals they take between observations. Likely, they will
      concentrate on the Robins for two minutes or so and then take
      a minute or so break. Be patient and we should be able to answer
      all of your questions.

      Hope to see you there.

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