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Fort Simcoe 30 April

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  • Rich712@aol.com
    Chirp, The fourth citizen science cavity nester survey at Fort Simcoe took place today under conditions that were almost dead solid perfect. Great day to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2007

      The fourth citizen science cavity nester survey at Fort Simcoe took place
      today under conditions that were almost dead solid perfect. Great day to visit
      with bird activity bulging at every observation point.

      Lewis's Woodpeckers were almost going berserk with nonstop churring calls.
      There was so much calling that when I got home, I had to pop throat lozenges
      as even my throat was hoarse and I wasn't even churring. Circle flight
      displays to claim territory were evident as were slow swoops to premium cavities.
      Once a person starts really examining old Garry Oak it is obvious that
      Washington State Parks could go broke if it opted for dental care for all the
      cavities at Simcoe alone.

      Plenty of European Starlings also on hand, flashing about like starlets
      always seem to do.

      Drumming competed with the churring with the Lewis's softer raps being
      upstaged by two (or more) Downy Woodpeckers that were connected to some of the
      most resonate wood the park had to offer.

      Today's most numerous species was the Yellow-rumped Warbler. A few were
      noted at Point 1 & 2 but Points 3 through 8 seemingly had the entire canopy
      coated with gleaning Audubon's Warblers...very little flycatching today. At
      noon, however, several Lewis's did engage in arial flycatching...probably to
      sooth their throats. The throng of butter butts made it hard to concentrate on
      the cavity survey; I plead guilty to neglecting the holy wood while searching
      the little flits for other warblers. I had one view of a Kinglet whose crown
      split open and belched out molten red magna worthy of any Hawaiian volcano.
      Wow, those little guys can be real hot-heads!

      Among newly arriving migrants were a minimum of eight Western Kingbirds, a
      Western Tanager and a Bullock's Oriole. A word of warning to all residential
      black oil sunflower providers - a flock of 12 Evening Grosbeaks was on the

      Next survey will be on Monday, May 7. Feel free to join us if you can. The
      carpool will meet at the IHOP at 7:45 unless otherwise posted. We could
      have used extra eyes and ears today.

      Location: Fort Simcoe
      Observation date: 4/30/07
      Notes: sunny, 53-68 degrees, calm w occasional breeze 1-8 mph
      Garry oak leaves 3 to 5 inches; Udder oaks beginning to leaf
      in bloom: bitterbrush, lilac, lupine, choke cherry
      fading or gone: apples, balsamroot on hillside
      Number of species: 38

      hummingbird sp. 3 observed, 0 identified

      Mallard 4 WP*
      Cinnamon Teal 4 WP
      Bufflehead 1
      Ring-necked Pheasant 3
      California Quail 6
      Red-tailed Hawk 2
      Killdeer 4 WP
      Spotted Sandpiper 1 WP
      Least Sandpiper 27 WP
      Mourning Dove 4
      Great Horned Owl 1 on nest just beyond eastern boundary fence
      Lewis's Woodpecker 49
      Downy Woodpecker 2
      Northern Flicker 2
      Say's Phoebe 2
      Western Kingbird 8
      American Crow 6
      Common Raven 5
      Tree Swallow 2
      Cliff Swallow 6
      Barn Swallow 2
      Black-capped Chickadee 1
      White-breasted Nuthatch 1 heard near Great Horned Owl nest by "Tin Ear"
      House Wren 2
      Ruby-crowned Kinglet 3
      American Robin 6
      European Starling 70
      Yellow-rumped Warbler 89
      Western Tanager 1
      Spotted Towhee 3
      Song Sparrow 2
      Golden-crowned Sparrow 2
      Red-winged Blackbird 10
      Western Meadowlark 2
      Brewer's Blackbird 3
      Bullock's Oriole 1
      American Goldfinch 4
      Evening Grosbeak 12

      WP* - observed at Job Corp Waste Water Ponds

      This report was generated automatically by eBird v2 (_http://www.ebird.org_
      (http://www.ebird.org) )
      R. A. Repp
      Simcoe Survey Senior Serf

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