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Peregrine Falcon and shorebirds at Wenas Lake

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  • Denny Granstrand
    Hi Yakkers, Inspired by Richard s trip to Wenas Lake yesterday, I went up there this morning. A juvenile Peale s Peregrine Falcon repeated swooped down into
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2005
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      Hi Yakkers,

      Inspired by Richard's trip to Wenas Lake yesterday, I went up there this
      morning. A juvenile Peale's Peregrine Falcon repeated swooped down into
      the channel of the creek at the west side of the mudflats. I got several
      photos of it including one of it in flight, which is in the new photos
      folder on my website.

      A small flock of peeps (small sandpipers) teased me as they flew out over
      the lake and mudflats but finally did settle down.

      Here is a list of what I saw:

      Great Blue Heron -- 2
      Peregrine Falcon -- 1
      Canada Goose -- 40
      ducks (didn't really look at them) -- 30+
      Killdeer -- 12
      Semipalmated Sandpiper -- 2
      Western Sandpiper -- 1
      Least Sandpiper -- 6
      Wilson's Phalarope -- 1
      California Gull -- 1 adult, 3 juveniles
      Caspian Tern -- 3

      Those of you planning to go on the YVAS shorebird field trip to Wenas Lake
      on August 17 can bone up on your shorebirds by looking at my website. The
      "new photos" folder has Semipalmated and Western Sandpipers side by side
      for good comparison, Semipalmated by itself, Least Sandpiper, and Wilson's
      Phalarope. The "shorebirds" folder has more photos of the small sandpipers
      that we can expect to see, as well as many others that are possibilities
      and some that aren't.

      For those wondering how to get good, close looks at shorebirds without
      making them fly away, I use a tip I got from Tweeters last year. I take a
      plastic milk crate to sit on. The crate is better than a stool because it
      doesn't sink into the mud. For some reason, the birds will approach much
      closer when I am sitting down than when I am standing. This morning, they
      approached with 20 feet or so before turning around.

      Study hard,


      * Denny Granstrand *
      * Yakima, WA *
      * dgranstrand@... *
      * Denny's bird photos can be seen online at: *
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