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Hip-Hop Blues Rap

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  • Rich712@aol.com
    Chirp, And I do mean chirp! If you were expecting music (?), ya gots the wrong guy. I was out checking the blues (bluebird nest boxes) yesterday, and every
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2005
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      And I do mean chirp! If you were expecting music (?), ya gots the wrong guy.
      I was out checking the blues (bluebird nest boxes) yesterday, and every time
      I hopped outta my 4X4 pickup, my femur would give my hip socket a solid rap.
      By box number 180, my hip was putting out more scritchy/scratchy noise than
      Run DMC and Snoop Dogg combined. Anyone have Dr. Dre's number?

      By the time I finished with the nest boxes, it was 4:30 and hot. I thought I
      could refresh myself with a hot dog and an ice cream sandwich at the
      Stagecoach RV Park just above Wenas Lake. Unfortunately they were closed. I popped
      open a package of fruit snacks and washed them down with the last of my orange
      soda. Duly fortified, I was foolish enough to drop down to the lake to check
      for shorebirds.

      The edge of the lake is now two hundred yards from the bottom end of the boat
      ramp. At its highest level weeks ago, in this drought year, the water ALMOST
      touched the concrete ramp.

      I had hardly walked twenty yards from the bottom of the ramp when I noticed a
      No Trespassing sign posted just to the left of the channel of Wenas Creek.
      The restaurant and resort have changed hands again. In the past, if you
      accessed the lake on their road, you had to pay a one dollar fee. I'm wondering if
      there is an effort being made to discourage fisherman who park at the public
      access lot from walking over to fish on the private side of the lake. In
      normal spring years, the sign would be underwater. I doubt if boaters using the
      public ramp could be prohibited from utilizing any of the lake's surface. It
      would appear that an effort is being made to encourage fisherman (and birders??)
      to use the private access road. Unless, of course, your intent is to jump
      Wenas Creek and stay on the far shore.

      I followed the creek and stopped twenty yards from the water. The mud was
      getting a piffle squishy; to walk closer would have meant sinking above my shoe
      soles. Not wanting to sink n stink, I plopped my scope down.

      To my surprise, a Spotted Sandpiper was content to actively forage ten to
      twenty feet in front of me. Another two or three Spotties were working the
      waters edge. I have become accustomed to observing this species through optics and
      was amazed at how small they really are. This particular Spotty had more
      teeter in his totter than I have previously noted in an individual. The tension
      adjustment in his hips definitely needed attention.

      Present close by were 50 Killdeer, 50+ peeps, four Greater Yellowlegs, four
      Long-billed Dowitchers in rich rufous hues, and at least two Semipalmated
      Sandpipers...maybe. Taking on the first big flock of peeps of the season under a
      blazing sun when you are already on the verge of heat stroke isn't something a
      card carrying member of the BBBB (Bodacious Brotherhood of Befuddled Birders)
      recommends. But there I was. And there they were. Skittish too. Assorted
      four letter codes (and words) ensued.

      Was that a rufous scapular or tattered tertial? Primary extension or
      complete exhaustion? Where was my copy of Paulson? At home, of course. Moving the
      scope slowly, I would repeat, "Least, Least, Least...wait a minute..." And
      then another FLUSH! Quick, check the axillaries and the stripe on the greater
      secondary coverts. Dang...or some other appropriate four letter code like
      darn. Missed it!

      The Killdeer creeped closer as I repeated, "Least, Least, Least...what's
      this?" FLUSH. "Aw ----!" Insert appropriate four letter code. I was ready to
      vent...the wheeling birds had shown me enough of those.

      Unable to differentiate between the greater coverts and the lower scapulars,
      I packed it in. On August 17, YVAS will have a field trip for shorebirds at
      Wenas Lake. Will I attend? I'm leaving it in the hands of my old mentor,
      Dewey Gotta.

      As I turned to leave, who did I see behind me but old teeter butt himself,
      Spotty. You may know that I have poor hearing. But...does a Spotted Sandpiper
      call go anything like, " hee, hee, hee"?


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