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Washington Ornithological Society

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  • Denny Granstrand
    Hi Yakkers, The Washington Ornithological Society (WOS) is an organization dedicated to the birds and birding in Washington State. It was chartered in 1988
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
      Hi Yakkers,

      The Washington Ornithological Society (WOS) is an organization dedicated to
      the birds and birding in Washington State. It was "chartered in 1988 to
      increase the knowledge of the birds of Washington and to enhance
      communication among all persons interested in those birds." That was taken
      off the WOS website.

      Benefits of joining WOS include receiving a bi-monthly newsletter -- WOS
      News, which includes interesting articles about our birds. Here are some
      of the articles that appeared in the November 2004 issue:

      Common Poorwill Roost Site In Aostin County, WA by Mike Denny relating a
      discovery of Common Poorwills he made while out birding;
      That Was The Week That Was by Patrick Sullivan, which was an account a week
      in August 2004 when three "state-first" sightings were made of birds that
      stayed long enough for many observers to see -- Black-tailed Gull in North
      Cove south of Westport, Common Eider in Port Angeles, and Little Stint on
      the Yakima River Delta in Richland;
      Black-tailed Gull by Charlie Wright -- Charlie's account of finding the
      Black-tailed Gull;
      Common Eider by Michael Shepard -- Michael's original e-mail to Tweeters
      describing the eider and urging other birders to go see it.

      Nearly every issue also includes Washington Field Notes, which a list of
      all of the notable bird sightings with location seen in Washington for a
      previous period of two or three months.

      WOS members also receive Washington Birds, a journal containing scholarly
      articles relating to the birds and bird sightings in Washington. WOS has a
      monthly meeting in Seattle and sponsors field trips around the state lead
      of many of Washington's top birders.

      WOS also hosts an annual conference at exciting birding locations around
      the state. Recent conferences have been Moscow, ID with field trips in SE
      Washington, Long Beach, Omak, Ocean Shores. Conferences include field
      trips, speakers, dinner with keynote speaker and much more.

      More information can be found on the WOS website: wos.org .

      I am currently on the board of directors of WOS. Andy Stepniewski is a
      past board member and a former member of the Washington Bird Records
      Committee, which is a part of WOS. The Bird Records Committee studies
      reports of rare birds seen in Washington and votes to accept them (or not)
      into the record of birds seen in our state.

      I urge all interested to visit the WOS website and think about
      joining. You can print a membership form off the website. Membership is
      $20 for individuals and $25 for families.


      * Denny Granstrand *
      * Yakima, WA *
      * dgranstrand@... *
      * Denny's bird photos can be seen online at: *
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