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Re: Hutton's Vireo at Wenas Campout?

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  • Andy Stepniewski
    Rich, Of interest, Gene Hunn reported Hutton s Vireo from just north of the Kittitas side of the county line a number of years back...hmm. I guess it s
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2004

      Of interest, Gene Hunn reported Hutton's Vireo from just north of the Kittitas side of the county line a number of years back...hmm. I guess it's possible there's a tiny population there, though this would follow no established pattern. This is a Westside species, barely creeping east in the Columbia Gorge, but not truly to Eastern Washington.

      If true, John might be able to spish one over into Yakima County! Alas, Ruby-crowned Kinglets are still migrating through; I saw them Saturday and Sunday in the lowland Wenas or nearby.

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      Sorry I didn't respond to your telephone message on Sunday...didn't check the machine until this evening.

      At the Wenas campfire, Wilson Cady reads a list of the species seen. On either Friday or Saturday night, he called off Hutton's Vireo. Someone asked where it was seen...my mind was slipping out of gear at this point as I thought the county's first record was by Bob Flores above Tampico last year. The sighter responded that it was "two" birds just upstream from their campsite which was upstream from the Larrison Tree. Wilson did not announce it as a Campout first so I assumed it had been reported in the past also...which confused me even more. I also was considering that the call was incorrect by the sighter...more likely a Kinglet.

      I discussed this with John today and I was under the impression that it was at Friday's campfire session that the call was made. As Andy was in attendance on Friday, I was assuming he felt it was a bad ID and didn't want to make a fuss. But today, a fellow with John thought the announcement was made on Saturday.

      This fellow thought if two birds were seen, they may well be setting up a breeding territory. My questions are: Is this a feasible chaseable bird? Just where is the Kittitas County line...Yakima can't extend too far beyond the campground proper. And finally, were Hutton's seen on past campouts? Would the habitat upstream in Kittitas County be the likely area? Whoops, went one beyond finally.

      I need to get more sleep...Thursday has blended into Monday.


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