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Re: [BirdYak] screech-owl field trip a success!

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  • Deb Davis & Ken Bevis
    Glad everyone enjoyed the owl event. It was the most spectacular viewing I ve had all summer, esp with the other owl arriving. As to the identity of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2003
      Glad everyone enjoyed the owl event. It was the most spectacular viewing
      I've had all summer, esp with the other owl arriving.

      As to the identity of the interloper: I used to work with spotted owls and
      have seen barred owls in the woods flying between trees several times.
      They were always really nervous. I also remember seeing the resident
      barred owl (some really good looks) on Linden Way, about at 24th and
      Summitview, a few years ago. I have never seen a long eared in town (but
      Denny has). I figured the big owl based upon size was either: barn owl
      (no-didn't fly right and wasn't light enough), great horned (didn't seem
      big enough and was acting skittery - GHOs seem to be in charge), long eared
      - possible but I would expect them later in the year during migration (?),
      or barred owl - about the right size, acting properly according to my
      search image, and I had seen one nearby. I would grant our esteemed Mr.
      Grandstrand the possibility of it being long eared however. I believe it
      was one or the other, and such debates are part of what make birding so
      interesting. I must also admit to being afraid we would witness the murder
      of our neighborhood screech owl, but, he was heard alive and well in
      subsequent nights, which leads to.....

      A Brief Sermon: The arrival of the other owl is a reminder that wild
      animals live brutal, competitive lives. Loud territorial defenses can bring
      in predators. As responsible birders, we should use recordings to modify
      their behavior for our viewing pleasure at a minimum level, as Denny did a
      good job of. We should go out and enjoy birds definitely, for if we see
      them, and we care, they will have a chance to survive against our brutal,
      competitive species. But we must do so responsibly and not unnecessarily
      risk the lives of the birds we love.

      Happy birding everyone. We'll do another screech owl viewing next year
      (assuming they are there.)

      > From: Denny Granstrand <dgranstrand@...>
      > To: BirdYak-yahoogroups.com <BirdYak@yahoogroups.com>
      > Subject: [BirdYak] screech-owl field trip a success!
      > Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 8:52 PM
      > Hi Yakkers,
      > This evening 14 Yakkers met at 32nd Ave and Barge hoping to get a look at
      a Western Screech-Owl. Ken Bevis led us to the Doornick backyard where we
      could hear a screech-owl calling. Shortly after we got into positions in
      the yard, a flock of Canada Geese flew over.
      > I played a tape a few times and an adult Western Screech-Owl flew into a
      large fir tree. I was able to get my spot light on it and it sat and
      called for quite a while as we got great looks at it. We ended up hearing
      two screech-owls hooting. Ken also showed us to cavity in a birch tree
      where the screech-owls nested. The cavity is in a spot where a limb was
      cut off and the scar rotted out. The lesson is when you have a tree with
      cavities, let it be. It is wildlife habitat.
      > There was big excitement when a large owl flew over the yard two times.
      There was much discussion about the size of this owl. We decided it was
      either a Long-eared or Barred Owl. After looking in the Sibley field
      guide, I think it was a Long-eared Owl. Barred Owls are nearly as large as
      a Great Horned. My feeling was it just wasn't that big. But since it
      didn't stay around long enough for us to get the light on it, we will just
      never know.
      > It was a good evening.
      > Denny
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