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I made a mistake when I sent my message. It was not a huckleberry bush, it was a honeysuckle bush.My bad.
Jul 28


I've had a western tanager in my yard all morning. He likes the red berries on the huckleberry bush. I was able to get several pics.
Jul 28

Re: Lars sighted.

Are swifts in the move? Lars seems to follow them. Mike Roper
Michael Roper
Jul 27

Lars sighted.

My dad called me and said that he spotted Lars today way on top of the south side of the Larson building. Elizabeth
Elizabeth Bohn
Jul 27

Wenas Lake

Ventured out to Wenas Lake this evening. Eight shorebird species were present. Among the more common species, singles of red-necked phalarope, semipalmated
Scott Downes
Jul 22

Re: thrush movements

This is really exciting, Jeff. We watched and watched again the migration trajectories of these five thrushes. The data we are able to to gather from this all
Andy Stepniewski
Jul 21

thrush movements

Here is a story on research being conducted by Bird Studies Canada on the movements/migration of Swainson’s and Gray-cheeked Thrushes. Hopefully the link
Jeff Kozma
Jul 21

Re: Gulls on Bumping Lake Sunday + Sunrise birds from Friday

Seconding Scott's note, Ellen and I observed a raft (35 or so) of California Gulls yesterday afternoon on Rimrock Lake, probably on their way west from their
Andy Stepniewski
Jul 20


Hi all I'm headed for tukwilla for the first week of august and was wondering if anyone new of good spots to hit for bird while I'm over there.
Jul 20

Re: Gulls on Bumping Lake Sunday + Sunrise birds from Friday

Michael, Great sighting on the Bonaparte’s! I’m not aware of too many summer sightings in Yakima County and would guess they are less than annual in the
Scott Downes
Jul 20

Gulls on Bumping Lake Sunday + Sunrise birds from Friday

I was doing a botany hike along the north edge of Bumping Lake yesterday, and was shocked to find 5 gulls out near the west end. One was an adult
Michael Hobbs
Jul 20

Harlequin Ducklings near Trout Lodge-19 July

Yakkers, Driving US-12 this afternoon, Ellen spotted three HARLEQUIN DUCKS on a rock in the Tieton River. Stopping to check these birds out more closely, they
Andy Stepniewski
Jul 19

Wenas Lake Shorebirds

Spent a very nice evening watching shorebirds at Wenas Lake tonight from 7:30-8:15. The lake level is opening up some nice shorebird habitat already. Below is
Scott Downes
Jul 18

Yard birds: Bullock's Oriole, hummingbirds, nuthatches

This morning about 6 AM, I heard and then saw a Bullock's Oriole in our yard. This isn't a bird that nests close by (that I know of), so the migration must
Jul 15

Re: bats!

Hi Lucas, I haven't seen bats in Randall Park but I have seen a few flying over our yard about half a mile south of Randall Park. I put up a bat box last
Denny Granstrand
Jul 15
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