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9769Costco Mew Gull Continues

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  • Rich712@...
    Jan 23, 2014
      Kevin Lucas relocated the Costco pond Mew Gull that Denny Granstrand reported yesterday.  The gull flew in a bit after 9 am (I think) and was still loafing on the water and/or shore around 11 am when I departed.  Most of the Thursday morning Poppoff walkers abandoned the weekly walk to dash over for a look.
      The gull has 100 Mallards, nine American Wigeon, and seven Scaup for company.  Scaup are tough for me and I couldn't be sure that the whitish one was indeed a Greater.  The Scaup Denny photographed yesterday may not have been present.
      Poppoff Puffer...hard for an old, arthritic, overweight guy to "hustle" off the gravel trail to the parking lot for a short drive to Costco!
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