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9633Toppenish NWR this evening

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  • Denny Granstrand
    Oct 19, 2013
      Hi Yakkers,

      I drove down Lateral A to Marion Drain Rd., then east to Old Goldendale Rd., east on Pumphouse Rd. to Hwy 97, then north to Toppenish this evening. 

      There were several highlights:

      - A possible female Rusty Blackbird on a powerline at the south end of Campbell Rd. at Marion Drain Rd. It was the only female Brewer's-type blackbird I saw that had a pale eye. Female Brewer's Blackbirds have dark eyes. Several photos of it are in the new photos folder on my website:

      - 55 American Pipits on the powerlines along Marion Drain Rd. about two miles east of Old Goldendale Rd. (photo at link above).

      - 9 Greater White-fronted Geese with one possible Tule GWFG. The Tule subspecies of GWFG is the largest of the GWFG supspecies (photo at link above).

      - At dusk at least 5500 ducks, all appeared to be Mallards, flew north from Toppenish Creek to the cornfield on the north side of the wildlife refuge and west of Hwy 97. It was an amazing flight of ducks. A flock of about 800 first appeared and were joined by many other flocks of 20-500 ducks. They circled and circles the cornfield before dropping down into it. It was a real spectacle.

      Here is the list of birds I saw:

      Greater White-fronted Goose  9
      Canada Goose  85
      Mallard  5500
      California Quail  12
      Northern Harrier  1
      Red-tailed Hawk  3
      Rock Pigeon  24
      Eurasian Collared-Dove  38
      Mourning Dove  69
      Belted Kingfisher  1
      American Kestrel  1
      Black-billed Magpie  12
      European Starling  24
      American Pipit  55
      Red-winged Blackbird  140
      Brewer's Blackbird  500
      Rusty Blackbird (?) 1
      Brown-headed Cowbird  6
      House Finch  22
      House Sparrow  14

      Denny Granstrand

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      Denny Granstrand
      Yakima, WA
      dgranstrand AT gmail.com
      Denny Granstrand's bird photos can be seen at: