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9629American Pipits

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  • Luke Safford
    Oct 18, 2013
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      My friend, Chad, and I were out birding this afternoon in the lower valley and we came across a huge flight of American Pipits on Marion Drain. We counted at least 125 on the power lines, grassy fields, and irrigation sprinklers in one spot just west of Wapato Road. The Greater White-fronted Geese reported on Marion Drain west of Old Goldendale were in the same area and we also found a Northern Shrike on Tecumseh/Marion Drain.

      Now I'm getting ready to head to North Dakota for a week. I checked out the county I'll be in mostly, Stark, on ebird and the top birder has seen 42 species for the year. Quite a bit different than Yakima county where 42 species ranks you 70th!

      Good birding,