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9621Bird seed and arboretum news

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  • Denny Granstrand
    Oct 17, 2013
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      Hi Yakkers,

      I bought several bags of bird seed at Wenas Feed and Rental this afternoon and took them to the arboretum feeding station. The seed mix is the same as the stuff the Yakima Co-op has but it sells for $21.99 a bag instead of $35.

      The seed mix is millet, wheat, cracked corn and a little milo. Two bags of that mix from the Co-op have been used at the arboretum and the birds are eating nearly everything. I scattered some seed on Monday and everything was gone except for a little cracked corn.

      Birds seen at the feeding station:

      California Quail - 15 today
      Downy Woodpecker - 1 landed on the brush pile
      Black-capped Chickadees - at least 6 today
      Spotted Towhee - 4 today, one with a broken wing
      Song Sparrow
      Fox Sparrow - 1 on Monday
      Golden-crowned Sparrow - 8 today
      White-crowned Sparrow - some singing from the bushes
      Dark-eyed Junco - including one male Slate-colored Monday and one female today
      House Finch
      House Sparrow

      Now is the time the oddballs should be migrating through - White-throated Sparrow and Harris's Sparrow. Hopefully they will find the feeding station and stay awhile.

      Denny Granstrand

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      Denny Granstrand
      Yakima, WA
      dgranstrand AT gmail.com
      Denny Granstrand's bird photos can be seen at:                                            
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