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9615Photo of Thayer's Gull at Rimrock Lake Saturday

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  • Denny Granstrand
    Oct 15, 2013
      Hi Yakkers,

      Saturday Andy and I found two first-winter Thayer's Gulls at Rimrock Lake. I was able to get a good photo of one of them and placed it in the "New Photos" folder on my website. Here is the link to the photo:

      There are photos of two other first-winter Thayer's Gulls and one adult Thayer's Gull I saw at Rimrock Lake in 2011 in the "Gulls through Doves" folder:

      In size, Thayer's Gull is between California (smaller) and Herring (larger). The field marks that usually attract attention first are the slender bill and rounded crown. Thayer's Gulls also have a frosty appearance in the upperpart patterning, which makes them stand out from most other gulls. That can be seen in all three of my Thayer's Gull photos.

      Denny Granstrand

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      Denny Granstrand
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