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9598New state birding record!

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  • Scott R a y
    Oct 6, 2013
      Yes, it's true, albeit a not very awesome record.

      This evening I bested my prior state record of seeing 199 Common
      Ravens by seeing 223. I live on the flight path of the birds that
      forage at Terrace Heights Landfill. They fly over morning and evening.

      Their nightly roost area is somewhere to my southeast. Somewhere over near
      Sun Valley Shooting Park on Sun Targets Rd, but after several searches
      I have not found the roost. I don't think it is at the ag station,
      although it seems like a good roost site. I don't recall hearing
      reports of ravens roosting in large numbers there.

      If anyone knows where the roost is, I'd be happy to hear from you.

      Scott Ray

      Yakima, WA
      mryakima at gmail dot com