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8672Thursday morning walk--two new birds and a VG swallow?

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  • Luke Safford
    Nov 1, 2012
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      I don't have all the totals together yet after our walk this morning but
      six of us had a great start to our morning. We had two brand new birds this
      year for the walk--Brown Creeper and Merlin. We also had one swallow fly
      over head, which I am pretty sure was a Violet-green Swallow based on body
      shape, as opposed to a Tree Swallow. Definitely white underneath, including
      throat, so not a Cliff, Barn, Bank, or Northern Rough-winged. Any thoughts
      on why this swallow would be around?

      Other notable bird species include Northern Shrike and Hermit Thrush. We
      had a total of 35 species up to the point that I had to leave. We were
      still missing Dark-eyed Junco and Great Blue Heron among some others so the
      total might be more. Any way you look at it, a great birdwalk with great
      people! Come join us next week at 8:30am at the Union Gap parking lot of
      the Greenway.


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