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7653Bluebird Bonanza??

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  • Rich712@aol.com
    Jun 1 9:13 PM
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      Just totaled up the results from last week's monitor sheets from the
      Vredenburgh Bluebird Trail. The nest box trail begins at the end of
      the pavement on North Wenas Road (approximately 3 miles beyond
      Wenas Lake) and continues 14 miles to the intersection with Durr
      Road overlooking Ellensburg. There are a total of 132 nest boxes
      along the trail.

      Our monitors counted 347 bluebird eggs and 41 nestlings. With
      39 hens setting on nests, these totals are a bit lower than the actual
      number as it is not possible to see what each female may be
      hiding from prying eyes.

      Those numbers compare somewhat favorably with the same period
      in 2009, which became the most productive year in the trail's 30
      year history. That year monitors tallied 349 eggs, 132 nestlings and
      31 hens setting in the first week of June.

      Only 9 of the boxes are completely empty and seven of those are
      along the last quarter of the trail before it starts to descend into the
      Ellensburg Valley.

      One box is infested with a House Sparrow, another has a House
      Wren, and a third contains a chirping chipmunk. Wren sticks were
      also noted atop two or three bluebird nests...hopefully the boys in
      blue will prevail.

      Box 37 now has a bluebird nest with one egg over a previous White-
      breasted Nuthatch nest containing seven eggs. The Nuts came away
      with nuthin' in their three efforts last year. Evidently bluebirds are
      Roosevelt Democrats...they speak softly but carry big tricks.

      I believe this is our fourth consecutive cool, wet spring. Perhaps bugs
      have adapted to this trend and will abound along the trail to provide
      forage for the nesting bluebirds.

      So maybe it is still a little early to be predicting a Bonanza...at least
      one of a Hoss Cartwright magnitude. Even if the year comes in at
      the stature of Little Joe, it would still be a Bonanza nonetheless.
      Heck, after last year's performance, maybe something along the lines
      of Big Valley would be okay. That series had Linda Evans (went on to
      establish a Dynasty) and Lee Majors pre-Six Million Dollar Man days.

      Boy, those 60s. Six million could get you a bionic makeover. I wonder
      how well Major Steve Austin could handle a baseball bat? Six million
      today wouldn't get you Alex Rodriguez for a month.

      Birdin' the Blues,
      Rich the Bluebird Snitch
      Wenas Wanderer

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