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7051close encounters with a canyon wren

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  • tulimgr
    Aug 1, 2010
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      We drove up to the old canyon road tunnel today, just past sundown ranch. Haven't been in there since about 1971. A lot of rock slides and ceiling cave ins. Great for taking photos.

      We passed through the first tunnel and walked into the second part when we noticed a small bird flitting about in the tunnel, kind of following us. About half way to the opening, we could hear a canyon wren calling from the far end. When we came out, we saw the same little wren type bird climbing on the rocks around the tunnel. It flew to a perch and thrilled us with the typical canyon wren call. Now, I've heard plenty of canyon wren calls in cowiche canyon but never saw the bird, except in a handbook. This little guy kept us company for about half an hour and did a number of calls for us. I was always under the impression canyon wrens were reclusive, but this little guy was anything but reclusive. Very very cool.

      joe near Tampico