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6854yard birds

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  • Sturnella@aol.com
    Apr 15, 2010
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      Hi Yakkers
      The pair of Swainson's Hawks arrived near their last year's nest sight
      yesterday. They have been adding sticks to the nest today. They always seem so
      happy to be back- flying way up in the air then swooping down......
      Also in the yard are Golden and Ruby crowned Kinglets, Brewer's Sparrows
      singing, lots of singing American Goldfinches, Robins, Red-winged and
      Brewer's Blackbirds. 3 large flocks of Canada Geese flew over last evening
      totaling about 360.
      Our nesting pair of Red-tailed Hawks have young in the nest-not sure how
      many yet. Also nesting here now are a pair of Eurasian collared Doves. They
      nested here last year and had 2 babies. They were here all winter.
      An adult Bald Eagle and a Cooper's Hawk soared around our place

      Debie Brown
      Konnowac Pass
      Moxee, WA

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