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6670Lincoln's Sparrow at arboretum

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  • Denny Granstrand
    Jan 1, 2010
      Hi Yakkers,

      I visited the arboretum sparrow patch this afternoon Guy McWhethy
      from the Seattle area. He was already at the sparrow patch when I
      caught up with him. He was looking at a Lincoln's Sparrow when I
      arrived. That is the first Lincoln's Sparrow to be seen at the
      arboretum sparrow patch since it was first started in 1998. The rest
      of the birds there are the regulars. The Red Fox Sparrow has not
      been seen for several days. There were about 40 Cedar Waxwings at
      Sarg Hubbard Park.

      We went down to sparrow patch south and were rewarded with the
      White-throated Sparrow. The Red Fox Sparrow that has been seen there
      several times failed to show for us. We did see a Sharp-shinned Hawk
      and a Cooper's Hawk. I think the Merlin that has been patrolling
      that section of the pathway zoomed by but, if that was it, it was
      flying so fast I couldn't get a decent look at it. That, by the way,
      is a pretty good description of a Merlin.

      My last bird for 2009 was a Great Horned Owl hooting east of our
      house last night about about 9:30 p.m.

      Denny Granstrand
      Southwest of the Yakima airport
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