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631Barred Owl north of Zillah

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  • Andy Stepniewski
    Feb 1, 2002

      Yesterday, January 31, Ellen and I were treated to great views of a Barred
      Owl in a fir or spruce (its roost tree). The bird is in the first conifer on
      the drieway at the northwest corner of Gilbert and Cheyne. The address is
      2491 Gilbert Road. According to Forrest Johnson, the owl has been roosting
      in this tree on and off for the past month. Some days it apparently isn't
      there, though. Forrest welcomes birders, but please check in first. Do not
      get too close; one can view the bird nicely from an open area west of their

      The orchards around this area are smack in the middle of last Junes big
      hailstorm. Many apples were left on the trees. Forrest expected robins by
      the gazillion this winter in these orchards, but these haven't materialized.
      Perhaps, there are just too many orchards with fruit left hanging (an
      estimated 7% of Washington's crop).
      Andy Stepniewski
      Wapato WA