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  • Denny Granstrand
    Apr 29, 2009
      Hi Yakkers,

      I have placed lots of new photos on my website:
      * The Great Horned Owl with its owlets in Sportman State Park.
      * The Eurasian Wigeon, Yellow-rumped Warbler and Brewer's
      Blackbird at Randle Park.
      * Many photos of our trip to Texas the end of March and first of
      April. Most of them are from Rockport and Port Aransas on the coast.
      As I stated the process, I was surprised to see all of the photos
      that had been in the new photos folder on my website were
      missing. The folder was empty. One of the mysteries of the
      Internet. Where did those birds fly off to?

      The male Eurasian Wigeon at Randle Park is interesting. Last year at
      this same time a different male Eurasian Wigeon spent a week at
      Randle Park. You can compare the photos. The one from last year is
      in the "Rare and Hard to Find Birds of Washington" folder on my website.

      Denny Granstrand
      Southwest of the Yakima airport and beyond

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      * Denny Granstrand *
      * Yakima, WA *
      * dgranstrand@... *
      * Denny's bird photos can be seen online at: *

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