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612Re: [BirdYak] Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches in the Yakima Canyon - Juanuary 1, 2002!

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  • Deb Davis & Ken Bevis
    Jan 8, 2002
      Local sightings: Last weekend, a WDFW employee saw a gyrfalcon in the
      upper reaches of Cottonwood Creek on the L.T. Murray Wildlife area, just
      north of Selah. He described it accurately, and said that the bird sat on
      a rocky point for a long time, allowing him to approach "within 50 feet".
      I saw a goshawk on the Sunnyside wildlife area last Saturday. Bald eagles
      all along the Yakima River today and yesterday, from here to Ellensburg.

      Kauai: Mid December my wife and I spent 10 wonderful days on Kauai. I
      recommend it to all. Warm breezes, blueblue ocean, coconut palms, fresh
      fruit, didn't wear socks for 9 days, shorts, lots of tropical vegetation,
      unreal and somewhat unbelievable. Very pleasant. Bird watching was fun,
      with a bunch of odd species, and a few known thrown in for shock value.
      Most of the lowland terrestrial birds are non-native, with a few native
      water and sea birds. Here is my nearly complete bird list:
      (* = native species)
      *Laysan albatross - nesting on ground and quite tame
      Japanese White eye - common
      Myna - everywhere and loud
      spotted dove
      Zebra dove - tame and common
      English sparrow - in town of course
      Red-crested cardinal - striking
      Cattle egret - they walk funny
      Jungle fowl - (wild chickens) that stood all over lawns and the roads!
      *Black crowned night heron
      *Black necked (Hawaiian stilt)
      *Frigate bird - Kilauea light house - great fliers
      *Red footed booby - nesting on cliff trees
      *Nene geese - Stately goose found only in National Wildlife Refuges and
      doing ok on Kauai b/c there are no mongoose on this island. This also
      explains the chickens.
      *White tailed tropic bird - graceful cliff nesters, my favorite
      Northern cardinal - just like back east
      White rumped shama - from Indonesia, like a big towhee
      *Brown booby - at sea
      Mockingbird - just like in the deep south
      Barn owl - brought in to control rats
      Ring necked pheasant - brought in to hunt
      *Koloa, Hawaiian duck - looked just like a hen mallard
      *Pacific golden plover - winter resident, standing all over the place
      *Wandering tattler
      Nutmeg mannikin - tiny bird, flying in swarms like bugs on sugar cane
      Chestnut mannikin
      peacock - (wild)
      Chinese Melodius Laughing Thrush - my nominee for the best name
      Rock dove (pigeons)
      House finch - seen in the high rainforest
      Java sparrow - cool facial markings
      * Apapane - bright red native forest bird flying from treetop to treetop
      * Anianiau - sickle billed native forest bird observed poking through the
      bases of 14" pendant white flowers and sucking nectar.

      About 20 new life list birds for me, and I didn't really try very hard.
      Ken Bevis

      > From: Andy Stepniewski <steppie@...>
      > To: BirdYak@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [BirdYak] Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches in the Yakima Canyon -
      Juanuary 1, 2002!
      > Date: Tuesday, January 01, 2002 5:12 PM
      > Yakkers,
      > Between 3:15 and 4 pm this afternoon, Ellen and I observed at least one,
      > perhaps several flocks of Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches in the Yakima Canyon.
      > one flock, we counted about 20 birds. This is the third winter I've
      > this finch at this location. Park off SR-821 at the pullout just north of
      > Milepost 4 (4 miles north of I-82). Scan the highest cliffs across the
      > river. These birds are quitedistinctive in flight, even from afar, due to
      > their contrasty-hued wings, which flash silvery as they whirl about high
      > the air. The finches probably roost in this cliff and begin arriving from
      > their daytime feeding (presumably snow-free south slopes of Umptanum or
      > other high ridges ofthe "Yakima Fold Belt") areas at about 3 pm. You'll
      > a scope. These birds move about quite a bit on the cliffs. We also noted
      > adult Bald Eagle, and calling Chukars.
      > Andy Stepniewski
      > Wapato WA
      > steppie@...
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