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  • Mike Roper
    Feb 1, 2009
      Hi Everyone,
      I made the trip to Bridgeport to look for the Northern Hawk Owl that Denny
      saw and photographed last weekend. We had no luck locating he Hawk Owl but
      did see very distant views of a Snowy Owl. It was a few miles from where
      Denny had seen the Hawk Owl and only found it with the help of a couple from
      Wenatchee. It was barley visible in binoculars and the scope wasn't much
      better due to distortion that looked like heat waves. I can't quite believe
      the distortion was heat waves though. It couldn't have been much over 20
      degrees with close to a foot of snow.

      I've posted a few photos from the trip but didn't bother taking pictures of
      the Snowy. I've also posted a couple photos of Denny's Screech Owl from the

      Mike Roper