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6053Barred Owl

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  • Mike Roper
    Jan 1, 2009
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      Last night as I was bringing my Harris Hawk in for the night I turned and
      saw the motionless silhouette of a Barred Owl on a branch 20ft away at eye
      level. It's kind of an eerie feeling being watched by a nearly invisible owl
      at such a close range. By the time I returned with a camera it was gone and
      I couldn't locate a day roost. It's the 3rd winter in a row that we've seen
      a Barred Owl in our Terrace Heights yard. There is even a photo of one from
      my yard in the new field guide, Birds of the Inland Northwest and Northern
      Rockies, that was taken by George Vlahakis.

      Mike Roper

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