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503Re: [BirdYak] creepers

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  • Jay.Desgrosellier@mcmail.vanderbilt.edu
    Nov 1, 2001

      In my experience Brown Creepers mainly appear singly or in small numbers
      within feeding flocks of other birds, such as chickadees and nuthatches. I
      seem to remember a Yakima Christmas Count not too long ago where there was
      a small incursion of creepers into the valley, but they were all found as
      single individuals. HOWEVER, immediately after breeding such as in late
      summer and early fall, family groups of creepers will often move about the
      forest in a small fairly tight flock. At this time of the year, usually
      August through September, I have seen up to six creepers at a time in a
      single tree! Also, it is possible that a favorable feeding area could bring
      together a number of these rather reclusive birds into a small area giving
      the appearance of a loose "flock". Hope this helps.

      Jay Desgrosellier
      Nashville, TN

      "gunter hadersberger" <gunterr@...>

      11/01/2001 11:48 AM PST
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      eh , all.   denny  i am not sure how many - someplace between 8 and 12.


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