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4263Greenway sightings

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  • Elizabeth
    Aug 7, 2006
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      Hi yakkers,

      I spent the whole morning walking around the Greenway, basically from
      Sarg Hubbard Park to the Arboretum. I was excited to spot a single
      Pied-billed grebe with my scope. It was swimming in pond that is
      closer to the park.

      I stopped by the osprey nest and spotted a single juvi standing. When
      I came back from the Arboretum, I noticed that the osprey was flying
      around the pond. I then heard a Great Blue Heron. It stood in the
      pond as well. The heron was so noisy. When the osprey flew back to
      the nest, I set my scope up to see what happened and saw that it was
      eating a fish.

      All in a days work,

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