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392Toppenish Wildlife Refuge

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  • Kerry Turley
    Sep 10 2:38 PM
      Stopped Sunday morning at the refuge headquarters looking for passerines and was surprised to see that there is water in front of the observation platform. It had a good amount of waterfowl dropping in (still pretty drab in their eclipse plumage) and a few killdeer. All told I had 22 species, the highlight was a kettle of 27 Turkey Vultures riding the thermals including  a good view of 5 on the ground on the far side of the pond in front of the platform. In the excitement I left my "National Geographic Field Guide" at the platform, it was gone when I went back for it - hopefully it will get someone interested in birding, I probably needed the new addition anyway.
      Had a good day on the WOS field trip (WallaWalla and Franklin Counties) led by Mike and Merrylynn Denny on Saturday, lots of surprises, the results of that trip will be on the WOS website in the future. 
      Kerry Turley
      304 E. Woodin Rd.
      Sunnyside, WA 98944
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