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3732Wood Ducks

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  • ty604di@aol.com
    Dec 30, 2005
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      Haapy new year to all of you !!!
      Am still feeding the wild ducks , can`t even try to count them now
      ... The Wood Ducks have started showing up , there are at least 7 pairs a day ,
      one hen has the coolest coloring on her face , I always get the binocs out to
      see her , but the other morning I looked out to see what was there and she and
      three other pairs were on my deck next to the window cleaning up the corn
      that was near the food sack ... She has so much white around her cheaks and
      throat ...
      Diane Conrad at Terrace Heights Floral ' Hint Hint "
      Now you know where to get flowers !!!
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