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2740Re: [BirdYak] RE: Suet Science

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  • Sturnella@aol.com
    Nov 5, 2004
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      In a message dated 11/5/2004 8:43:40 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      ken@... writes:
      Would like to know if you (or any others here) have used the kidney fat from
      cattle for bird suet? In particular, I am looking for confirmation that the
      kidney suet
      is softer than the traditional corporate USDA inspected beef suet. At about
      75F the
      fed lot (USDA) sources will be hard while the free range sources (aka, your
      will be firm but not hard (not as soft as butter at room temperature but not
      as hard
      as butter in the fridge either). Somewhere in between
      I have used it and it is just like you say " Somewhere in between"
      Ours is pretty white- not yellow.
      A good source for the suet-fat would be a slaughtering person. They will know
      the better and smaller farms, too. I will ask ours if he can get some, if you
      want me to. I'm pretty sure he just takes it to the rendering plant.
      We just slaughtered ours a few weeks ago, but, I'll let you know next year,
      if you still want some of ours. We usually have 5-7 steers.

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