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  • Kerry Turley
    Dec 29, 2002
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      Date: December 29, 2002
      Location: Yakima County, Washington


      My usual Sunday morning trip to the Toppenish Wildlife Refuge, including
      Pumphouse Rd., to Mud Lake, back to Lateral "C", to Charlie's Pond, back to
      Marion Drain Rd., to Old Goldendale Rd. to Pumphouse Rd. to Hwy 97.

      Most impressive sighting was the dozens of Yellow-rumped Warblers that the
      storm must have blown in at Lateral "C" and Toppenish Creek. The trees were
      crawling with them.

      I too have noticed the sudden appearence of Varied Thrush, there were
      several at the refuge headquarters today and I saw 6 or 7 at the State Park
      on Huntzinger Rd. in Kittitas Co. yesterday. ( Yes, I chased the
      Yellow-billed and the Arctic Loon yesterday ;-).

      Birds seen (in taxonomic order):
      Great Blue Heron
      Canada Goose
      American Wigeon
      Northern Shoveler
      Northern Pintail
      Green-Winged Teal
      Northern Harrier
      Sharp-shinned Hawk
      Cooper's Hawk
      Red-tailed Hawk
      American Kestrel
      Ring-necked Pheasant
      California Quail
      Virginia Rail
      Wilson's Snipe
      Rock Dove
      Mourning Dove
      Great Horned Owl
      Belted Kingfisher
      Downy Woodpecker
      Northern Flicker
      Black-billed Magpie
      Common Raven
      Black-capped Chickadee
      American Robin
      Varied Thrush
      European Starling
      Yellow-rumped Warbler
      Song Sparrow
      White-crowned Sparrow
      Red-winged Blackbird
      Western Meadowlark
      Brewer's Blackbird
      House Finch
      American Goldfinch
      House Sparrow

      Total number of
      species seen: 38

      Kerry Turley
      Sunnyside, WA 98944
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