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1081Migrant ramblings

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  • Scott Ray
    Oct 1, 2002
      Each spring and fall swallows pass over my dry piece of property. In the
      spring they hang around for a few days but eventually move on to breed in
      more hospitable habitat.

      For the first time this fall, this morning several dozen Violet-greens
      arrived and foraged around the house before disappearing again. Haven't
      found any Vaux's Swifts yet. There are usually a few with the swallows.

      The numbers of White-crowned Sparrows is growing here. There are probably
      close to 50 now. They are sharing the feeder with a few House Finches and a
      junco. The numbers of House Finches seem much lower this fall.


      " Scott Ray "
      " Moxee, WA "
      " scray@... "