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10209Hilltop Way swifts, 9/2

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  • Paul Huffman
    Sep 3, 2014
      I stopped in early last night to talk to the owner. Gary Smooth was
      unaware of the swifts but he was quite accommodating. He said the
      chimneys are in disuse since he switched to gas several years ago. He
      probably would not have a fire in the one flume until Nov. He said
      anyone that wants could come by and ring the bell and come up on his
      deck to watch the swifts. However, the best viewing is out on the
      corner of Hilltop and Scenic because you can look slightly down on the
      chimney. I think observers on the deck might be too close for the
      birds.He didn't know the distinction between swifts and swallows. But
      I didn't have much of a show for him.
      19:26 1 fly by
      19:29 4 fly by
      19:31 1 in
      19:43 1 in

      Where do you suppose the other 2 went? It must be pretty cold in a two
      swift bivy.

      Mr. Smoot volunteered that last year about this time, a bird showed up
      in the firebox behind the grate. It was very exciting to get the bird
      wrapped in a blanket and outside while the cat was trying to get at
      it. This is evidence it has been used more than this year.
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