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10207Johnson's Shines - Trumps Triumph

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  • Rich712@...
    Sep 1, 2014
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      The migrating swifts flipped over to Johnson's to flop for the evening.  The count there was 712 to only 17 tumbling in at Triumph Treatment.  At that site, Greg and Elizabeth noticed a bird (unknown species) perched on the back side of the chimney that flew off at 7:52 pm.  When it left, a large number of swifts returned overhead but only a few chose to dive in.

      Every night is different with these swifties.  No Peregrine sighted this evening.

      The infra-red camera in the Monroe, WA chimney is currently showing thousands imitating wing-waving wallpaper.  The past several days, morning views are clearer and huge numbers have lasted until around 10 am.  Pretty amazing...if there are any night owls out there, give the chimney a peek to see how active the birds are after the bars close.  They just never seem to be sleeping.  Link to camera is below:


      Shadowing Swifts