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10150Anna's Hummingbird, Yellow Warbler in our yard this morning

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  • gadzooks58
    Aug 11, 2014
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      With triple digit temps predicted, I decided to get out early to water and deadhead this morning.  At 5:30 AM, I ventured out, although I would hardly say I was bright-eyed.  While watering, I spotted a hummingbird moving around in my honeysuckle, which is in full bloom. I stood and watched for a minute or so, and was able to eliminate Rufous (which we have had here lately) and Calliope, but couldn't tell if it was Black-chinned or Anna's without optics. So, I went inside, grabbed bins and came back out. Of course, it was gone. But, it was nice and cool and quiet, so I decided to just stand there for a minute or two. Sure enough, the bird returned. I was able to get great looks at it as it fed on the honeysuckle, flew over to the feeder, then to some agastache, then back to the honeysuckle. It was an Anna's!

      Later in the morning about 8:00, I turned on a sprinkler and was weeding nearby, when I head a loud "chip." Certainly not a finch. I turned to look, and there was a Yellow warbler, "playing" in the sprinkler. It was flitting around and seemed to be enjoying itself.

      There have not been many Robins in the yard lately - I don't know where they have gone - so there were no early birds getting worms. But I would say that the early person got the bird(s) today.

      Karen Zook