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  • bazinga1006
    Jul 19, 2014
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      I was on a website called Nestwatch, which I regularly add nest sites to maps in order to help the Cornell lab.

      I noticed that there are not very many nest reports. For example there were only 164 western bluebird nest sightings this year(and counting). I know that many of us have seen nests when we are out and about and was wondering if others could participate in the study. I am one of the only people in the Yakima valley(and Washington) that participates in this study and need help while doing it. You might report the nests to other places but if you haven't, please help the Cornell lab study its nests. Go to NestWatch and help. If you have an ebird account then you don't need to make one for Nestwatch, they coincide. It seems like a very small amount of people participate in this study. Out of all the years its been going it has only had 57,360 nest sites sighted. I'm sure we could help that number go up. I care about these studies and would greatly appreciate it if you did too. Thank you.

      Nicholas Mejia

      Mabton WA