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10126Pine Siskins in our yard!

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  • gadzooks58
    Jul 13, 2014
      For the first time since January, there are Pine Siskins in our yard.

      I have a pot of Pansies and Violas that do not like this heat, so I set them in the shade near our bird feeders. They looked so bedraggled that I decided to give them a trim. While I was out trimming them (this morning), I heard the familiar "tseee" call and it took a second before I thought, "Wow - a Pine Siskin!" It was sitting right above me in a pine tree. Shortly after, another one called from another pine tree across the yard.

      So, as of now we have two. Not exactly the big flock we used to have, but I am excited to have them back in the yard.

      Karen Zook

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