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RE: [Birches] Bill Morrissey in Paris and Brussels

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  • ParispAl75
    Hello Ron,and everybody,
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 20, 2005
      Hello Ron,and everybody,

      <Thanks for your report on the shows, and for helping to make the shows

      As I said after the show,I had waited ten years for that show to happen! I
      would like to publicly thank Ellen for her help.

      <What were the audiences like in Paris and Brussels? Were they already
      familiar with Bill's music?

      Audiences were different in Brussels and Paris, both equally calm, but maybe
      Paris knew the songs better. People had requests (Letter from heaven, 23rd
      sreet, Robert Johnson, my own was Different Currency). In Brussels, when
      Bill asked if people had requests,no-one answered, except for that German
      guy who had seen Bill on his first eurotour last century! and who requested
      You'll never get to Heaven;-)

      The Paris show took place in a dark 12th century cellar (older than Notre
      Dame!) hence a very intimate show, very quiet. Brussels was also quiet, lots
      of lights on the stage and in the venue. Both places had equally great

      I was very luck to hang out with Bill for a few days, driving to Brussels
      with him, playing guitar (next time any of you sees Bill perform, ask for
      any Tim Buckley song!), talking literature and taking guitar lessons ("Open
      D 101", with Mr Bill).

      But Bill thought my French name did not sound good, so he called me Hank!
      And my wife Joelle became Jolene!

      So you guys know just about everything about Paris! But I'll bet we'll find
      more later in a couple of songs...

      hAnk :-)
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