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] Addict kicked disabled boy's with 'Asperger Syndrome' head like a football

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  • Colin Revell
    ......... I have forget to mention that I also have had my nose broken 3 times by thugs as a vulnerable neurodiverse disabled person ....... One of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
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      ........." I have forget to mention that I also have had my nose broken 3
      times by thugs as a vulnerable neurodiverse disabled person"......."One of
      the problems with being an ASPIE and having 'neurodiverse' impairments is
      that I and others with these impairments have great difficulties with social
      communication and reading 'body-language' and understanding
      social-boundaries and cues, especially in group situations"....... "I in the
      past have been in situations where I've tried in 'good-faith' to help others
      and also speak-out' out on moral and ethical issues using 'non-violent
      communication', but for doing this I have experienced (have become) a
      'victim' on numerous occassions, since childhood and throughout my
      lifecourse, so much violence, bullying, harrassment, victimisation and abuse
      and discriminatory 'disablist' attitudes and behaviour by so many
      individuals, professionals, police officers, public-bodies and 'the-state'
      and also these 'public-bodies in my own case who are trying to 'criminalise'
      my neurodiverse behaviour and impairments for trying to 'speak-out' and be
      'honest' and a law-abiding neurodiverse disabled professional citizen as
      both my mother and father nutured me to be so."


      I am just got a book out the library, by acident called:- "IS IT JUST ME OR
      Alan McArthur....

      "It sounds so poigant to me within my experiences in my personal life at
      persent and I bet many more disabled pepole redaing this email could attach
      the label of this book with reference to their own life's too in the UK and
      global world??"


      Colin Revell, "drifting from one to another B&Bs, Guest Houses and Hotels
      still homeless" in the East Riding of Yorkshire, UK

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