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Poolesville Outreach Campaign

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  • Jack Cochrane
    Folks, Let s get a flood of positive emails and letters out to The Commissioners of Poolesville (Md.) telling them how much we enjoy cycling in their fair
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2004
         Let's get a flood of positive emails and letters out to The Commissioners of Poolesville (Md.) telling them how much we enjoy cycling in their fair town!  See the info below.
          Jack Cochrane
          Montgomery Bicycle Advocates (MOBIKE) 
      * * * * * 
      In case you haven't heard, the Poolesville, Md. town commissioners have reacted negatively to the idea that Montgomery County's new Master Plan of Countywide Bikeways would designate major roads near Poolesville as bike routes.  See the Gazette article
      http://www.gazette.net/200405/poolesville/news/198899-1.htmlThe countywide bikeways plan only calls for additional bike route signage on two roads, but the commissioners seem to be venting frustrations that run deeper.  These frustrations may be exacerbated by large group rides or by road conditions that make it tough to pass cyclists.  The two roads in question are Whites Ferry Rd. and Beallsville Rd. near (but not in) Poolesville.  The bike plan can be at found http://www.mc-mncppc.org/transportation/bikeways/index.shtm ).
      MOBIKE is launching a POSITIVE letter-writing campaign to show how much we love riding in the Poolesville area.  Let's surprise the town commissioners by letting them know how much we enjoy visiting Poolesville, how we appreciate the politeness of its residents, and how we want to work with the town to find ways to make life easier for both cyclists and drivers.

      - We love Poolesville and want to help the town.
      - We appreciate how Poolesville residents are generally very polite to cyclists (compared to many areas, certainly).

      - Cyclists are usually staunch defenders of the Agricultural Reserve.
      - We agree with Poolesville that it would help if the county did more than just post signs but also widened roads, improved shoulders, etc.
      - "Bicycle tourism" - people attracted to trails and cycling - is a boon to Bethesda Row, is sought by Rockville, and has put many an Irish town on the map.  The hundreds of cyclists who visit Poolesville every weekend represent a great (missed) opportunity for the town.
      - Cyclists who needlessly annoy drivers, don't let cars pass, or break the law are not the ones who want or need these signs.  We share Poolesville's concern over discourteous behavior and want to work together to find solutions.

      This is not to say that we're not dismayed over Poolesville's position.  We believe cyclists are legitimate users of the road and that it's not up to jurisdictions to discourage bicycling, especially by banning signs that serve mainly to protect and assist cyclists.  Cyclists already ride in Poolesville and will continue to ride there, so failing to put up signs will hardly discourage anyone anyway. 

      But this letter campaign is meant to be positive!  We want to look for common ground here, and we think plenty exists.  A little pleasantness and praise should go a long way towards dispelling the negative feelings that seem to be driving Poolesville's reaction.

      The town government consists of five Commissioners.  The Commissioners elect one of their own as President (informally known as The Mayor).

      Email: townhall@...
      Phone (town hall): 301-428-8927
        19933 Fisher Ave. (though number isn't really needed - it's a small town)
        Poolesville, MD 20837
      Address letters to any of the following:
        The Commissioners of Poolesville

        (Poolesville) Town Hall
        Town of Poolesville
        Commissioners, Town Of Poolesville
        Poolesville Town Commissioners, Paul E. Kuhlman, President
      The Commissioners of Poolesvile are: 
        Paul E. (Eddie) Kuhlman, President Pro Tem
        Thomas B. Dillingham
        Andrew J. Johnson
        Roy E. Johnson
        Jerome Klobukowski
      Also consider writing or emailing to:
      Poolesville Online's forum - http://www.poolesvilleonline.com/Eforum.html (take a deep breath first)
      The Poolesville Gazette - editor@...
      * * * * *
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