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Mount Rainier Bike Co-op Volunteer Recruitment

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  • William McKindley-Ward
    Mount Rainier Bike Co-op mrbikecoop.blogspot.com 3601 Bunker Hill Road mr.bike.coop@gmail.com
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      Mount Rainier Bike Co-op                                                                   mrbikecoop.blogspot.com                                        3601 Bunker Hill Road                                                                         mr.bike.coop@...
      Mount Rainier, MD 20712                                                                                      301-277-2110

      Mount Rainier Bike Co-op Seeks Volunteers

      The Mount Rainier Bike Co-op (MRBC) would very much like you to volunteer alongside others during our open shops. We have the space, the tools, and used parts in great supply, and we certainly have the clientele. With your help, we have the ability to more than double our service potential!

      About MRBC

      Since 2005, MRBC has aimed to enable and encourage people to own, maintain, and ride bicycles safely. We reclaim, refurbish, and redistribute used bicycles that would otherwise be heading for the landfill, teach mechanics to youth and adults, and partner with local DC area organizations to promote an inclusive and responsible bicycling community. MRBC focuses its services locally, but the shop and its programs are open to all members on a donation basis.

      Volunteering at MRBC

      MRBC offers volunteers an opportunity to assist a diverse clientele in a relaxed, well-supplied bike shop. The willingness to learn and to teach form the core of volunteerism, and as such MRBC accepts volunteers of all mechanical skill levels, from completely inexperienced to veteran wrench. Volunteers are also granted the right to use our wholesale bike parts catalogue, and the opportunity to work on personal bikes for free.    

      Regular Open Shops:
      Mondays: 6:30pm-8:30pm open to ALL
      Thursdays: 7:00pm-9:00pm open to ALL
      Sundays: 1:00pm-4:00pm
      -1st & 2nd Sundays are 18&UNDERS shops
      -3rd Sundays are VOL-ONLY BUILD Shops
      -4th Sundays are open to ALL
      -5th Sundays are CLOSED

      To Volunteer

      Just show up ready to help at one of our open shops! If possible, email ahead of time and let us know you are coming.
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