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  • M. B-N
    Were you there?   Do you know the kid or the driver?   ...   Of course not... that was a silly response... I do how ever have an 80+ year old mother and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2010

      Were you there?   Do you know the kid or the driver?


      I saw this on the news this morning.. there are no words to express how sad this is...
      But.. and there is always a but... but I didn't see that this was in any way the fault of the driver of the car, her age or anything other then the poor judgment of a 9 year old child, and we with children know that they are unable to think fast enough or beyond the moment.


      Of course not... that was a silly response... I do how ever have an 80+ year old mother and have had 4 9 year old children and 10, 9 year old grand children.. and not to mention I was a 9 year old many moons back. So, I do have some insight on how a 9 year old thinks and acts.. I remember doing the very same thing, I remember telling my children when seeing them on their bikes zipping across the street thinking they can judge how fast that car is coming thinking they have just enough time..


      On the other hand.. the news cast stated that there were three children in all... two made it and were waiting on the other side for the third who left the curb peddled across the road in front of the on coming car. 


      The news  made no reference as to the speed of the driver only her age. They did not ticket the driver which leads one to believe that she was not speeding.


      I never said that I was there or had any insight to the accident other then knowing how 9 year olds act, I'm sorry but its a given that children act without much thought to getting hurt.


      I have read in other posts that one should drive at a safe speed... well if its posted at 35mph most think that that means you can go 45 or more the fact that you see no danger at the moment or see no police lets you sneek in that extra 10 or more..


      What is a safe speed? Is the posted 35 the safe speed.. did someone look at the road and say.. "Well, its looks like a good speed".. Most residential roads are posted at 35 .. I have seen some less...


      Safe is whats at the moment.. Would you travel 35 if the road was icy, wet, or the road filled with pot holes.. what then is safe..

      Safe is thinking if its a residential street there are CHILDREN.. safe driving is thinking that a child can dart out from anywhere at any moment. You almost need to drive with one foot on the gas and the other on the break.

      We are all so self absorbed with our own issues.. getting to where we need to be, getting there on time.. etc... we look but we don't always see... I had a friend that hit another car the other day.. she said she didn't see them.. I asked her .. but ... did you really look? She asked me what I meant.. I told her.. looking over and not seeing any one coming is one thing.. but looking over and thinking.. can someone pull out as I am or could someone be where I cant see them and step off the curb.. could a tree be hiding something .. just a quick glance here in this area is not enough..


      Ok, as for the 80 year old woman.. some blame perhaps could be put on her.. she most likely saw the kids.. but did she think.. well, two ran across the street.. I should slow down because the other one might get jumpy and dart in front of me...


      As I drive streets were there are children .. or even adults... I watch the side walks ... someone up the street might not see ME... and walk out in front of my car... are there children in yards with balls or on bikes.. I MUST be proactive.. and think ahead.. perhaps that was the failing of this poor 80 year old woman..


      Ok where do you want to lay blame.. No, I was not there nor did I see it happen.. I was only going off what the news said.. and my own experience with children..


      Why the attack.. it was just poor judgment on both their parts... nether one thinking ahead..



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